The AAPDT – the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Inc (A0025948S) was created from the PDTAV – the Professional Dog Trainers Association of Victoria, Inc. It was the first organisation in Australia to accredit professional dog trainers and has been doing so since 1992. It is one of a few associations that accredits professional dog trainers & instructors in Australia. Furthermore, since 1994 it has been recognised by the Victorian State Government as an approved organisation under the Domestic (feral & nuisance) Animals Act 1994.

The AAPDT represents professional dog training schools and businesses, as well as individuals, dedicated to making dog training a profession, to generate business from that profession and to set and improve standards in the industry. Also, unlike some organisations in the dog training industry that purport to be independent but are merely a front for a business, the AAPDT is a not-for-profit bona-fide association governed by a management committee which is voted in by the members each year. All income derived by the AAPDT through its memberships, seminars & other sources is used to promote its members & the AAPDT. Furthermore, the AAPDT Inc. conforms to the Associations Incorporations Act 1981.

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Purpose of the AAPDT:

  •  To be an unbiased independent umbrella organisation for all professional dog trainers and associate members
  •  Provide an accreditation process for professional dog trainers that includes:
    • Dog training schools/businesses
    • Individual dog trainers/instructors (practicing)
    • Service Dog trainers (e.g. Guide Dog Trainers, Police Dog Trainers etc)
    • Associate category for Obedience Clubs
    • Affiliate Dog Trainers category, incl. overseas schools and trainers
    • Pets as Therapy handlers
  •  Network and establish contacts
  • Learn about new techniques and information
  • Act as a liaison to local, state and federal government and animal welfare organisations in representing an industry view
  • Represent the ‘voice’ of the industry through workshops and public relations activities to inform the public and other stakeholders at large
  • Become the LEADING Australian voice for the professional dog training industry

Vision of the AAPDT:

  • To establish a benchmark & quality assurance system (accreditation) for the industry and reduce the number of unqualified dog trainers in the industry through better self-governance, accreditation and government legislation

Mission of the AAPDT:

  • To promote the benefits of professional dog training to the wider community.
  • To ensure that all stakeholders run their business professionally and ethically and uphold the welfare of the animals and handlers in highest regard
  • To pass all members through a suitable review process that does not compromise standards

Values of the AAPDT:

  • Professional and ethical integrity in all business dealings
  • To have the highest regards for animal interests & welfare
  • Oppose unacceptable training methods at all times
  • Oppose guard dog or protection dog training for any non qualified and licensed handler

The Objects of the AAPDT:

  1. To promote the benefits of dog obedience training.
  2. To encourage dog owners to undertake dog obedience training courses or to have their dogs professionally obedience trained.
  3. To standardise and set minimum standards for obedience training.
  4. To regulate and improve the dog training industry.
  5. To exchange ideas and information among members.
  6. To oppose all forms of harsh dog training methods.
  7. To oppose attack dog training for members of the general public and to discourage attack training generally.
  8. To assist any individual or association whose aims are similar to the AAPDT and to cooperate with animal welfare organisations.
  9. To campaign for or against government legislation at all levels which may affect the well being of dogs, their owners or members of the AAPDT.

Code of Ethics of the AAPDT:

In addition to the above objects of the AAPDT, members agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics:

  • Canine interests & welfare are paramount when dealing with dogs
  • AAPDT members are accredited & ethical professional dog trainers
  • Professional and ethical integrity is applied in all business dealings
  • AAPDT members have appropriate public liability insurance cover
  • AAPDT members conform to relevant legislation applicable to professional dog trainers
  • AAPDT members support excellence in customer service
  • AAPDT members support proper corporate and business governance
  • AAPDT members are subject to peer quality control measures
  • AAPDT members may apply different training methods and tools to achieve the best result in training handlers and dogs
  • AAPDT members have an ongoing commitment to learning and improving their work to constantly strive to provide the best for dogs and handlers