Eclectic Training

“A trainer’s voice and all parts of his body are instruments of communication, and his techniques and methods are approaches that mold the dog into the companion/worker he seeks. Tools, training approaches and their correct application can give meaning to voice and body language and help these  become a true communicator of ‘punishment’ and ‘reward’ (praise) leading to  the control any owner is seeking in a dog – by voice and posture alone. Education and training of trainers and owners into the correct use and application of all potential training methods is the way forward if we are to provide the optimum opportunities for developing well-trained, well-mannered dogs. This is the eclectic approach that is the, dare I say, ‘one method’ of a true professional trainer.”
– Martin Deeley, Director of the International Association of Canine

Eclectic training is the use of a bag full of tricks to help train individual dogs.

The balanced, eclectic trainers believe in being able to apply all techniques based on individual needs. Balanced training embraces positive motivation, appropriate rewards and knowledgeable use of aversives and correction. It allows the flexibility of using both positive and negative reinforcements and balancing the two factors in such a way that will emphasise helping the dog learn and retain the required lessons.

Unlike other methods of training, the Eclectic Method does not limit or stifle the trainer’s ability to apply a wide variety of techniques to suit both owner & dog.

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Credit for portions of this document to Tan Teck Woon of A Good Dog Training School – Affiliate member of AAPDT. Parts of this document have been excerpted from his essay Training Methods & Maxims as part of his Dog Training Instructor Course with Dog Obedience Guidance Systems of Australia (DOGS).

NB: Please note whilst we have done all possible to ensure the information in this article is current, the AAPDT does not accept any liability for this information.