Looking after your Dog’s Teeth

As strange as it may seem, brushing dogs’ teeth can prevent many forms of dental disorders. It is important that only toothbrushes and toothpaste designed for dogs are used, as human toothbrushes are too course for our pets, and human toothpaste contains substances that could harm them.

dog-dentalDiet also plays a major role in the prevention of dental problems in dogs. Hard, crunchy foods scrape against the teeth and help prevent bacteria growing. Although dogs don’t realise it, dental chew items and chew toys are great in preventing problems with the dogs’ teeth. By dogs chewing on these items, it removes plaque, which helps prevent various types of gum diseases.

Raw bones are also an excellent way to help prevent any problems. Dogs can also have their teeth professionally cleaned by a veterinarian. This procedure usually takes place under general anaesthetic.

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