Our Members

  • If you are a dog owner looking for an accredited Dog Training School choose from the list below or contact us for trainers in your area.
  • If you are a Dog Training School or Dog Trainer/Instructor and would like to apply to become a member download and fill out an AAPDT MEMBER APPLIC FORM 2017-18] (pdf)

Current Accredited Member Schools / Businesses:

Command Dog Training School (Vic) P/L


Address: Reg Office: 19 Jeffery Street, Blackburn VIC 3130
Phone: 03 9877 6522 Fax: (03) 9878 9257
Other contact details (ABN etc): ABN 42 050 693 868 Fair Trading Award winning school established in 1989 by Nationally Accredited Trainer & Assessor, Basil Theofanides. Has 4 venues situated in Melbourne which includes a state-of-the-art indoor training facility at Richmond. All programs are structured & fully guaranteed. Command Dog Training School provides Basic Obedience, Kindergarten Puppy Training, In-Home Training Specialists, Intermediate to Advanced Training, Temperament Assessments, Flyball, Agility & Tracking. Also provides Certified Dog Training Instructor Courses @ www.dogtrainerschool.com.au
Age of Business: 28
Training Type: Group, Individual, Puppy, In-home, Problem Dogs & Temperament Assessments
Other Services: Certified Instructor Course (CIC) Dog Training & Behaviour
Website: www.dogtraining.com.au
Email:  office@dogtraining.com.au


Dog Tech Canterbury (Les Treuer)

Address: PO BOX 56 Moss Vale NSW 2577
Phone: 1300 650 739
Training Type: Individual, Puppy, In-Home

Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels & Cattery


Address: 12 Homestead Road, Wonga Park VIC 3115
Phone: 03 9722 1202 or 9722 1188 Fax: 03 9722 2061
Other contact details (ABN etc): Rod Maruff established the National Awarding Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels & Cattery in 1977. Specialising in Boarding and Training (we train your dog for you) also provide Classes and Private Lessons, Coaching for Trail Obedience. Temperament Assessment. Difficult dogs or aggressive dogs accepted. ABN: 79 586 497 134
Age of Business: 27
Training Type: Classes and Private Lessons, Coaching for Trail Obedience
Other Services: Boarding for Dogs and Cats. Pet taxi Service. Grooming, Training
Website: www.homesteadkennels.com.au
Email: enquires@homesteadkennels.com.au

K9 Coach

Address: 21 Sixth Ave Burwood VIC 3125
Phone: 03 9889 8555

Michael Tucker’s Dog Training School


Address: 3/1108 Main Road, Eltham 3095
Phone: 03 9439 7577
Other contact details (ABN etc): Michael Tucker has been a dog trainer for over 60 years. His career started as a hobby. It led to training police dogs in the Royal Air Force, then 20 years training guide dogs for the blind in the U.K. and Australia, He has had his own dog training school since early 1975, now situated in very pleasant surroundings in Eltham. He works on his own. Author of 6 dog training books; he continues to write many articles. He has trained more than 18,000 dogs and owners. Very simple methods are used in training dogs and handlers. Great emphasis is placed on showing dogs what to do and immediate vocal praise given upon every favourable response. Training is based on the proven principal of mutual affection and respect. A wide range of services is provided, the prime one being individual tuition. Home visits are also undertaken. Special courses covering all grades of obedience, tracking and courses for instructors can be arranged for dog clubs upon request. Problems nearly always lie with the owners and not so much with their dogs! Assessments are made, clear explanations given and owners are shown how to correct and handle the problems. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, he gives numerous talks to a variety of groups of people. Talks are tailored to the age groups and interests of particular audiences. Past President of AAPDT. Now Life Member.
Age of Business: 39 years (40 years April 2015)
Training Type: Individual, Puppy, In-Home, Group
Other Services: Lectures; special courses
Email: mtdogs@optusnet.com.au

Secret Dogs Business

Phone:  Alan 0411 705 686
Website: www.secretdogsbusiness.com.au
Email: alan@secretdogsbusiness.com.au

  • Difficult Dog and Puppy Training.
  • Six Bayside locations for puppy and behaviour classes
  • Recommended by most Bayside Vets
  • In Home Puppy Help
  • Home Service and classes available in Bayside and SE Melbourne.
  • Highly Qualified friendly staff who understand dogs (and owners!)
  • Home assistance for puppies and difficult dogs
  • Pet Therapy training available

April Beh Class


Woofers Dog Training

Address: Indoor Training Centre: 659 North Road. Ormond. Vic 3204

Outdoor Dog Training:  28-30 Redan Rd. Caulfield North. Vic. 3161

Phone:  1300 269 969

Age of business: Established 2005

Training Type: Group Puppy, Group Basic Obedience.  Individual Consultations in-   home or onsite.

Woofers has a team of 9 certified dog trainers as full time employees and operate 6 days a week in the inner easter suburbs of Melbourne.

Other Services: Dog daycare, grooming and dog-minding

website: WoofersWorld.com.au

email: dogtraining@woofersworld.com.au



Affiliated Members

Big Paws Dog Training

Address: Tokyo, Japan
Other contact details (ABN etc): Ayumi Nagakura, completed her Certified Instructors Course (CIC) Dog Training & Behaviour in 2004 through Dogs of Australia and Command Dog Training School in Melbourne.
Training Type: Pet Dog Training
Website: www.bigpaws.jp/
Email: Youzouda@aol.com

Eric Ko – Dogaroo Training


Address: Hong Kong
Phone: 9091 9501 Fax: 2369 2305
Other contact details (ABN etc): Eric Ko is from Hong Kong is an Overseas Affiliate Trainer member who has completed his Certified Instructors Course (CIC) Dog Training & Behaviour in 2006 through Dog Obedience Guidance Systems of Australia and Command Dog Training School in Melbourne. Eric is also qualified to teach Kindergarten Puppy Training.
Age of Business:  7
Training Type: Group, Individual, Puppy, In-Home
Other Services: Walking
Website: www.dogarootraining.com
Email: mailto:dogarootraining@hotmail.com

Mack Dog Training – Hong Kong


Address: Hong Kong
Phone: 9315 0040
Other contact details (ABN etc): Mack Leung is an Overseas Affiliate Trainer member based in Hong Kong and has completed his Certified Instructors Course (CIC) Dog Training & Behaviour in 2006 through Dog Obedience Guidance Systems of Australia and Command Dog Training School in Melbourne. Mack is also qualified to teach Kindergarten Puppy Training & Advanced Obedience.
Age of Business:  7
Training Type: Group, Individual, Puppy, In-Home
Other Services: Walking
Website: www.mackdogtraining.hk
Email: mackdogtraining@yahoo.com.hk

Ritsuko & Koshi Okuizumi

Address: Aussie Dog Training School
Other contact details (ABN etc): Affiliate Dog Trainer Overseas status – Ritsuko & Koshi successfully completed their Certified Instructors Course (CIC) Dog Training & Behaviour with DOGS of AUSTRALIA & Command Dog Training School in Melbourne in 2002. They have been running Aussie Dog Training School since then and Rits has made numerous trips to Melbourne to further her training with DOGS of AUSTRALIA.
Training Type: Pet Dog Training
Email: rits-kou@arion.ocn.ne.jp

Wiltja Dog Obedience Club


Address: Bundoora, Victoria
Phone: 9308 2466
Other contact details (ABN etc): Not For Profit Obedience Club Member run by volunteers.


Wiltja Dog Obedience Club Inc. aims at educating and training the dog handlers how to train their dog for everyday situations. They are taught in both people and dog socialisation skills so that the handler can confidently enjoy the company of their dog in the home, street and park. The level of training you achieve is entirely up to you (the handler), whether you are content with just basic obedience or want to reach trial standard, we can help you achieve it.

The club is a non-profit organisation conducted entirely by our voluntary committee and instructors, giving freely of their time and knowledge to assist you. For this reason, all members have certain obligations to fulfil in fairness to these people who expect nothing in return other than, your full co-operation in a genuine dedicated effort to succeed and your appreciation of the time and effort which they are devoting to you.

Website: www.wdoc.com.au
Email: sjbuck@bigpond.net.au