Useful Links

All links listed on this site have been selected for the purpose of supplying the user of this site with the widest selection of information available on canines and dog training. However, it is to be noted that the AAPDT (whilst every care has been taken) cannot accept any responsibility for the correctness of the information supplied, nor can it be held responsible for any of the actions of its members, associates or links. The principle of ‘buyer beware’ applies at all times.

Please advise us of any links listed that are not considered suitable, or any other comments concerning the link that are welcomed

Education links:
Australian Veterinary Association site
A great site with FAQ in raw feeding

Care & Products links:
An informative dog website.
The one-stop site for information about dogs
Clicker training info
Australia’s 1st Dog Daycare Centre situated in Melbourne, Victoria. Est 2002.

Other links:

Agriculture Victoria’s website with plenty of info on keeping pets and respective legislation
Dogs Victoria site offers a wealth of information on canines breeds and breed standards
Pets Industry Association of Australia
Pet Industry News – bi monthly magazine.
Site for National Dog Magazine & related matters
Canine information site on Australian dogs
Canine information site
Canine information site
Lost Dog’s Home – with multiple link sites
Canine information site
Canine information site
Preserving rights for dogs – National body for all dog owners
Comprehensive dog website directory, dog information